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Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
TAXON Bioinformatics Solutions SA provides a wide range of bioinformatics services. Our specialized team combines biological knowledge, statistical and mathematical analyses, and proprietary computational algorithms to offer functional analysis tools.

Among different solutions, we are able to assess the safety and/or performance of organisms under different conditions, which is required for regulatory approval of microorganism-based products.

Moreover, we offer comparative genomics services that involve analyzing and comparing complete genomic sequences from different organisms. This enables the discovery of new biomarkers, understanding organism evolution mechanisms, and identifying distinctive characteristics. Such analysis is important for selecting organisms of interest and protecting them through patents.

Additionally, TAXON provides metagenomic services to determine the composition and relative abundance of organisms in biological samples, such as agricultural soils. This can be instrumental in identifying potential imbalances in soil microbiota and offering recommendations to restore soil productivity.

We have a proven track record in identifying and optimizing novel enzymes with significant industrial applications. Our team of protein engineering experts has successfully enhanced traits such as thermoresistance and solvent tolerance, leading to improved enzyme performance.

Don't miss the chance to talk with our commercial representatives from our San Francisco office during the convention held in Boston.