Laboratorio Elea

Booth 2949
Polvorines, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elea Phoenix is a top Argentinean Laboratory that has been researching and developing trustworthy and innovative medicines for a wide range of medical specialities since 1939. With leading trademarks, research and development projects of our own and licences from International renowed Companies.

With Industrial Manufacturing Plants that operate efficiently, a wide distribution network, we focus firmly on the development of new products, in the following areas: Oncology, Biotechnology, Cardiology, Neuropsychiatry, Woman`s Health.

Laboratorio ELEA is currently working with monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, synthetic peptides, therapeutic vaccines for oncology.

We are the first Company to launch a monoclonal antibody in 1997 , and in 2014 we launched the first Biosimilar mAb for Rituximab and Bevacizumab in 2016 . Now with have a potfolio of over 600 products, ranking 2nd for OTC/RX products.

We have a strong portfolio in Biotech, launching Biopharmaceutical products every 2 years.