Xeno BR

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São Paulo - SP, São Paulo, Brazil
Through xenotransplantation, we at XenoBR envision a future without organ transplantation waiting list. Founded in 2018 by Prof. Silvano Raia (one of the most prestigious medical doctors in Brazil) and colleagues, XenoBR has developed its first line of genetically engineered immune-evasive swine, compatible with human organ transplantation. Our first medical-grade swine production facility in the heart of São Paulo-Brazil (the largest Latin American city) is set to be fully operational by Q3 2024. Our first line of bioproducts derived from our platform will address 94% of the total solid organ shortage in South America, the second largest market in the world (a global market of USD 120B with 7,7% CAGR). We have an advanced regulatory compliance framework and ongoing pre-clinical studies. At XenoBR we have raised more than USD 10M in non-dilutive grants from Brazil's top R&D agencies. We are currently in a pre-Series A round to reach a Phase I CT start approval by Q2 2026.