Paradox Immunotherapeutics

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT), Wednesday, June 7, 2023 ・ North Lobby
Paradox Immunotherapeutics is an orphan drug company that develops immunotherapies for protein misfolding diseases using a platform with a proven track record of success. The scientific team at Paradox has substantial success in the selective targeting of misfolded proteins with monoclonal antibodies, with one of the founding team's previous antibody candidates resulting in a $1.2B acquisition deal by third parties.

Paradox has a drug design platform that allows them to identify & develop specialized antibodies that selectively target only the problematic/misfolded proteins while leaving the healthy proteins in your body untouched. Tagging these pathological species with antibodies allows for immune-mediated clearance to restore organ function.

With 3 drugs in development, additional momentum and traction including Paradox's
multi-site residency at Johnson & Johnson Innovation-JLABS (Washington, DC & Toronto), winning a Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quickfire Challenge, and securing a strategic partner (Big pharma, Top-10) to accelerate their lead program, LX-96, through preclinical and clinical development.

Current programs:
Paradox currently has a strategic pharma partner (Top-10) for its lead program and 3 drugs in development. Current focus is on AL amyloidosis (Lead Program, Current stage: Candidate nomination) and ALECT2 kidney amyloidosis (Current stage: Antibody identification)
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Paradox Immunotherapeutics