BioBytes: Biotech in the home

Biotechnology is all around us especially in our homes. From new household cleaners and detergents made with biotech enzymes, to our contact solution and the paper we write on, advances in biotechnology are helping to make our lives easier, cleaner, and greener.

BioBytes - Biotechnology and food flavoring

Dr. Targan explains how the biotech industry is using the biology of taste to create healthier sweeteners, block bitter tastes, and help make unpleasant-tasting medicines more palatable.

BioBytes: Biotechnology and Drought Resistant Crops

Dr. Targan explains how biotechnology is working to create drought resistant crops.

BioBytes - Biotechnology and the Flu Pandemic

Youve probably heard the term pandemic a lot in the news today. What you might not know is that biotechnology researchers are working to create new vaccination options to help stop the next big pandemic before it starts.

BioBytes 110 - Increased Nutritional Value in Food through Biotechnology

Trying to eat a healthier diet? Dr. Targan explains how biotechnology is helping to improve the nutritional value of our food.

BioBytes 108 - What are Stem Cells?

What's a stem cell? Where does it come from? Learn more about how biotechnology is utilizing stem cells to create tomorrow's cures for today's diseases.

BioBytes 106 - What are biofuels?

Dr. Targan explains how biotechnology is helping to reduce our carbon footprint through the production of biofuels, which are  manufactured from various renewable resources found  naturally in our environment.  

BioBytes 104 - What is personalized medicine?

Personalized medicine will change the way patients are treated in the future - for the better. Learn more about personalized medicine - how it works, and why it could save consumers a lot of money.

BioBytes 101 - What is biotechnology?

This video provides a basic overview of biotechnology and its many applications in our daily lives.

BioBytes 103 - What are biotech drugs?

Are biotech drugs really that different from traditional pharmaceuticals.  You bet they are.  Learn why here.