Brent Ahrens on venture capital funding for biotech companies

Ahrens discusses the 2011 BIO International Convention session “Wait! Our Model Isn’t Dead! We Just Need to Evolve.”

John Sterling, editor-in-chief of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN)

BIOtechNOW talks to GEN's John Sterling regarding the upcoming BIO International Convention.

Countdown to Partnering With John Carroll from Fierce Biotech

John Carroll discusses the upcoming BIO International Convention.

Dr. Lisa Beth Ferstenberg, Founding CEO of Cellective Therapeutics and a serial entrepreneur

Dr. Ferstenberg discusses an innovative program to guide small emerging biotech companies and how women in biotech can accelerate their leadership within the industry.

Intellectual Property in Emerging Markets

Brenda Herschbach Jarrell and Jennifer Groves present an overview of the IP landscape in China, India, Brazil and Korea.

BioBytes: The Biotech Drug Delivery Timeline

Biotech research holds a great deal of promise for future innovation in the treatment of previously untreatable diseases. But how long does it take for a biotech therapy to come to market?

BioBytes: Biotechnology and Diagnostic Tools

From genetic testing to earlier cancer diagnosis, to rapid result strep tests and diagnostic tools that can be used outside of a traditional hospital environment, biotechnology researchers are making great strides in the field of ddiagnostic tools.

BioBytes: Marine Biotechnology

Dr. Targan takes us on a tour of marine biotechnology - and its great promise for new therapies and environmental protection.

BioBytes: Biotechnology and Plant Made Pharmaceuticals

When you look at a field of tobacco plants, your first thought probably isn't about its medicinal uses. But in a few years, this crop may help produce life-saving vaccines and therapies.

BioBytes: Forensics and Biotechnology

By utilizing DNA, scientists are able to create a genetic finger print that is unique to each individual to help find and prosecute crime suspects and identify remains.