BioBytes: Forensics and Biotechnology

By utilizing DNA, scientists are able to create a genetic finger print that is unique to each individual to help find and prosecute crime suspects and identify remains.

A Report on Alzheimer's Disease

Every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's. By 2029 there will be 70 million retired baby boomers. If we dont find a way to treat the disease we are going to have a public health disaster.

Biotech Fashion Show

Biotechnology is everywhere. From food to fuel to fashion. Watch the fashion show to see clothes that were made with biotechnology.

BioBytes: Enzymes in Food Production

Join Dr. Targan as he explains the process - and just how much of an effect enzymes have on our daily diets.

BioBytes: History of Biotechnology

Join Dr. Targan as he guides us through the milestones of the constantly evolving science of biotechnology.

Bioethics and the Biotech Industry at the 2010 BIO International Convention

Michael Werner, a partner at Holland & Knight, about the new stem cell guidelines issued by the NIH.

BioBytes: Industrial Enzymes

Biotechnology is everywhere you look - even in places you might not expect.

BioBytes: Genetically Engineered Animals

Disease resistant animals, environmentally friendly livestock, pharmaceuticals produced by goats - are these really possible?

Providing Farmers the Tools to Save India's Most Important Export

Providing Farmers the Tools to Save India's Most Important Export

Transgenic seed technology began to transform India's cotton industry in 2002.