Biofuels Reduce Reliance on Petroleum

There's actually good news about energy and the environment: The U-S will reduce both pollution and reliance on petroleum by tapping into home-grown fuels from farm, wood and paper waste. 

Biofuels' Impact on Food Costs

Talked about for years, biofuels, such as ethanol, are a fast growing component of U-S transportation fuels.

BioTech Nation Interview of Jim Greenwood

Dr. Moira Gunn and David Ewing Duncan report from the BIO International Convention.

Nutrition Experts Support Food Biotechnology

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) is the nation's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Recently the ADA released a position paper, saying that agriculture biotechnology can enhance the quality and increase the efficiency of food production.

Biotechnology's Role in the Advanced Energy Initiative

Ethanol produced from corn today amounts to about 2 percent of fuel sold in the United States, but Biotech scientists say that cellulosic ethanol can meet much more of America’s energy needs in the very near future.

Meeting the Pandemic Challenge

Thirty six thousand Americans die from seasonal flu each year, now there is additional threat a possible global avian flu pandemic.

Increased Market for Bioethanol

This year car makers will offer car buyers a record number of new hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles. 

Biotechnology: A Big Word That Means Hope

With biotechnology, nearly 100 new drugs and vaccines have helped millions fight life threatening diseases.