Surge in Biotech IPOs Encouraging Ahead of the 12th Annual BIO Investor Forum

Aug 8 2013
The BIO Investor Forum will be from October 8-9, 2013 in San Francisco, California.

BIO Welcomes Release of Final 2013 Renewable Fuel Standard Rules

Aug 6 2013
BIO urges EPA to continue to resist the oil refining industry's efforts to set up market barriers through this regulatory system.

Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Associations Strongly Support the FDA Safety Over Sequestration Act

Aug 1 2013
S. 1413 and H.R. 2725 would exempt future FDA user fees from sequestration.

BIO Announces New Jobs Listing Website

Aug 1 2013
BIO Jobs is your online resource for biotechnology employment opportunities.

BIO Strongly Supports the FDA Safety Over Sequestration Act

Jul 29 2013
BIO released a statement in support of the FDA Safety Over Sequestration Act (H.R. 2725), which would exempt user fees, including those paid by BIO member companies, from the operation of sequestration.

Plant Biotechnology Companies Begin New Conversation about GMOs and How our Food is Grown

Jul 29 2013
GMO Answers responds to the toughest questions about GMOs and puts previously hard-to-find health and safety information in one place for the first time.

BIO: RFS Must Be Maintained

Jul 26 2013
The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) must be maintained in order to spur alternative energy production and mitigate the impacts of over-reliance on oil, according BIO.

Review of GE Animals Must be Science-Based

Jul 25 2013
In the latest edition of the Food and Drug Policy Forum, an article by Food & Water Watch asserts that FDA is not ready to regulate the world’s first biotech food animal. 

BIO Names Whitaker President of International Convention

Jul 18 2013
Scott Whitaker has been appointed President of the BIO International Convention.

U.S. Farmers Continue to Prefer Biotech Crop Varieties

Jul 10 2013
Adoption of GE soybeans, corn and cotton is at 90 percent or higher.