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BIO Joins Letter to FDA Commissioner on Clarifying Guidance for Plant Gene Editing

July 29, 2020

New innovations capable of advancing plant breeding, such as gene editing, have immense potential to improve agriculture and food production. Researchers are exploring genetic innovations aimed at increasing agricultural productivity; improving environmental sustainability outcomes; providing consumers safer and more nutritious products; and reducing food waste, among many other benefits. However, the future of many of these innovations relies on the existence of a science-based, risk-appropriate regulatory system – one that is consistent across domestic regulatory agencies and internationally – and does not impose unnecessary burdens to market access. FDA has a critical role to play in shaping this regulatory framework by clarifying the agency’s approach to plants derived from these new techniques under its 1992 guidance on Foods Derived from New Plant Varieties. To obtain an outcome that best supports regulatory consistency, we urge FDA to issue this clarifying guidance as expeditiously as possible.

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Ag Biotech FDA Plant Gene Editing Guidance Letter
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