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BIO Letter to DEFRA Consultation on the Regulation of Genetic Technologies

March 17, 2021

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) welcomes the United Kingdom’s (UK) consultation on the application of genome editing in the breeding of plants and animals.  The UK has the unique opportunity to be the first country within Europe to establish a path forward for genome editing technologies, establishing the UK as a regional and global leader in this technology, and providing farmers in England new powerful tools to enable agriculture to be a solution to the ever-growing threat of climate change. 

As the UK considers broad reform of legislation with respect to GM technology, BIO urges the UK to join with key trading partners to chart a path forward where science and technology can be fully leveraged to confront climate change and enable the sustainable production of food globally, particularly in regions of the world most susceptible to the environmental and economic threats posed by climate change.  As the policy environment develops, BIO and its members are eager to be a resource to help the UK government advance its innovation and sustainability goals.


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