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BIO Submits Statement to House Ag Subcommittee Hearing on Trade Policy and Priorities

November 17, 2021

BIO applauds the Subcommittee for examining trade policy and priorities to support agricultural producers, promote innovation, protect the environment and enable agriculture to combat climate change.

Because of bipartisan support, for over twenty years, the United States has successfully and safely led the world in the commercialization of biotechnology to enable more sustainable farming and industrial practices. These innovations reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout agricultural supply chains, delivering environmentally friendly products and processes to the market and more nutritious offerings to all tables.

Unfortunately, when major trading partners such as China, the European Union (EU), or Mexico, delay biotechnology risk assessments and approvals or intentionally malign technology, the global marketplace is reluctant to accept new technology due to potential impacts on global trade. The results are unfortunate, as producers in the United States and around the world are denied innovative tools to reduce emissions, sustainably increase production, and deploy climate-resilient technologies.

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BIO Statement to House Ag Trade Policy and Priorities Hearing
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