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Congressional Letter to FDA Commissioner Sharpless on Animal Biotech

July 26, 2019

In recent years advances in animal genetics have provided significant breakthroughs that can help to address some of society's most difficult challenges. These technologies can treat and protect animals from illness; limit the transmission of dangerous diseases, like African swine fever or avian influenza; curb the use of antibiotics in agriculture; address hunger and insect-borne disease in developing nations; improve animal welfare; among many other benefits. 


While we think a robust conversation should be had on the best way to provide transparency to consumers and users on the nature of these animals, that discussion will be moot if our nation's regulatory system prevents these animals from coming to market. We again urge you to work with other relevant agencies and stakeholder communities to develop a more appropriate, workable approach that will provide sufficient safeguards, while allowing U.S. farmers, consumers, and the public health officials access to animal innovations. 

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Congressional Letter to FDA on Animal Biotech
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