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Membership Dues Schedule/Fees

Effective *January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024*

Membership Categories and Dues

BIO's 1,000 member companies fall into one of four categories: Affiliate, Center, Associate, or Corporate.  Membership is only available to organizations. We do not offer individual memberships.

Corporate Members

Corporations or other for-profit entities that utilize biotechnology or other related new technologies in research, development, testing, and manufacturing. Corporate members can be early-stage, have an active R&D pipeline, or products on the market related to healthcare or agriculture and environment applications. Dues are based on the company's annual global product revenue.

Global revenue under $25 million USD

Dues are based on the total number of full-time employees including employees of subsidiary companies.



1 - 5


6 - 299

$203 per employee




Global revenue over $25 million USD

Dues are calculated on a sliding scale based on the company's annual global revenue. Please contact the BIO membership department for details. 


Affiliate Members

Government or non-profit entities with an interest in or mandate to promote biotechnology, such as economic development corporations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit hospitals, etc. Dues are a flat fee per institution.

Dues: $2,827


Center Member

Academic institutions that work in support of biotechnology including technology transfer centers. dues are a flat fee per institution.

Dues: $2,827


Associate Member

Corporations, partnerships, associations, or other for-profit entities involved substantially with providing services or products to biotechnology companies such as consulting firms, law firms, investment/venture capital firms, CMOs, CROs, employee search firms, clean lab services, for-profit business incubators, insurance firms, suppliers and other service providers. Dues are based on the firm's total number of full-time employees worldwide.


Number of Employees


1 - 24


25 - 49


50 - 99


100 - 499


500 - 999