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New to Healthcare and Entry Level eLearning Courses

Learn the basics for working within the regulated industry of healthcare

Browse the selection of online courses below, or click here to view all Center for Communication Compliance course offerings. 

Welcome to Healthcare

Description: Basics for working within the regulated industry of healthcare, including government agency oversight, role of diverse stakeholders (e.g. HCPs, payers, patients, caregivers, industry, government), importance of confidentiality (with 10-question quiz). 

  • Module Length: 15 min 
  • Price: $145
  • BIO Member Price: $115
Functional Roles for Promotional/MLR Review

Description:  Overview of  functional roles for ensuring compliance with regulations and brief descriptions of responsibilities for promoting drugs and medical devices. 

  • Module Length: 15 min
  • Price: $145
  • BIO Member Price: $115
FDA Oversight

Description: Overview of the Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services with authority to regulate the promotion of prescription drugs, biologics, veterinary drugs, and restricted medical devices. 

  • Module Length: 10 min 
  • Price: $200
  • BIO Member Price: $160
Course Bundle

Description: Includes all courses in New to Healthcare and Entry-Level track: Welcome to Healthcare, Functional Roles and Regulatory Environment

  • Module Length:  40 minutes
  • Price: $392 
  • BIO Member Price: $312