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BIO Applauds Senate Support of GMO Disclosure Package

July 7, 2016

Food and ag groups urge Senate passage this week

Washington, D.C. (July 7, 2016) – The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) joins more than a thousand food and agriculture organizations from across the country in applauding action in the U.S. Senate to advance the bipartisan Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling and disclosure solution.

“BIO welcomes the Senate’s action, which brings us another step closer to finally moving our country forward on the GMO disclosure issue,” said Jim Greenwood, BIO’s President and CEO. “This bill represents a carefully crafted bipartisan agreement. It will provide consumers with more consistent, reliable information about bioengineered food while also preserving stability in the U.S. food value chain. By doing these things, it will reduce the negative impacts on consumers, farmers, and biotechnology innovation that a patchwork of multiple state labeling laws foretells.”

The 65-32 bipartisan vote to invoke cloture on the Roberts-Stabenow agreement will enable the Senate to cast an up-or-down vote on the bipartisan bill later this week.

“The negative impacts of Vermont’s GMO labeling law are already being felt by consumers, farmers, food manufacturers, distributors, restaurants and food retailers,” added Greenwood.  “It remains urgent that the Senate pass this legislation this week so it can be taken up in the House of Representatives and sent to the President for his signature before the Congress adjourns for the summer recess.”


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