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BIO Cheers Biden Announcement to Share 20 Million Doses of Vaccines with Developing Nations

May 18, 2021
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"The White House’s decision to send Covid-19 vaccines to countries in need is an important step to ensuring people around the globe have access to lifesaving shots and ending this global pandemic.

“As part of BIO’s recently-proposed Global “SHARE” program, we’ve made clear the urgent need to strengthen and support healthcare systems in low-and middle-income countries in addressing COVID. The president’s decision to relinquish millions of doses is an important part of achieving this goal.

“Going forward, we hope the administration will continue to look towards equity for global vaccine availability and distribution. Another great step would be to eliminate the financial contingencies which have been put in place which currently act as a barrier to COVAX.

“BIO member companies have worked around the clock to find the scientific solutions we need to end this pandemic. We look forward to working with the White House to ensure people in every corner of the world have access to those solutions without damaging the premise of intellectual property on which this nation was built.”

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