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BIO Selects San Diego Industry Leaders For 2017 Convention Steering Committee

April 21, 2017

SAN DIEGO, April 20, 2017 – The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) has announced the steering committee for its upcoming BIO 2017 International Convention, which will be held in downtown San Diego from June 19 to 22.

Led by Steven Mento, president, CEO and co-founder of Conatus Pharmaceuticals, the committee unites elite life sciences leaders from academia, industry, communications and advocacy. Together, they will identify novel ways to highlight biomedical innovation in San Diego and throughout the state, and develop other strategies to ensure a successful convention.

“We believe we have brought together a strong team to provide leadership, guidance and a strategic vision for showcasing the region,” said Joanne Duncan, BIO’s President of the Membership and Business Operations Division. “We look forward to working with these innovative leaders—many of whom are on the cusp of life-saving, breakthrough technologies—to ensure a successful Convention that is representative of California.”

“We are honored to be part of the BIO 2017 Steering Committee,” said Mento. “Biomedical research and development saves lives, improves quality of life and serves as an economic engine for our state. We believe a strong convention will benefit San Diego, California and the life sciences industry for years to come.”

Mento said one of the committee’s goals will be to showcase the wide range of biomedical research and development being conducted in San Diego.

Companies like Illumina, Human Longevity, Edico Genome, Cypher Genomics and many others have helped the city earn its reputation as the “Genomics Capital of the World.” In addition, San Diego is a leader in stem cells, gene and RNA therapies, wireless health and microbiome research.

Mento has more than 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry and held leadership positions at Idun Pharmaceuticals, Chiron Viagene and American Cyanamid Company before starting Conatus. He is joined by leaders from the four corners of California’s life sciences ecosystem. They are:

Hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the convention is expected to draw more than 16,000 attendees from 70 nations, and more than 1,800 exhibitors to the downtown convention center. In addition, BIO 2017 will feature thematic exhibits and presentations, such as the Innovation Zone, Digital Health Zone, Start-Up Stadium and BIO Talent Connect. This is the third time in the past decade BIO is being held in San Diego.

Learn more about BIO’s registration options. Complimentary media registration is also available to editors and reporters working full time for print, broadcast or web publications with valid press credentials.


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