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BIO Statement on WHO Pandemic Accord Negotiating Draft

October 24, 2023
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After the release of the World Health Organization Pandemic Accord negotiating draft, BIO's Senior Vice President of Infectious Disease & Emerging Science Policy, Phyllis Arthur, made the following remarks:

“The Biotechnology Innovation Organizatin (BIO) is disappointed by the recently released negotiating draft of the WHO Pandemic Accord. BIO and its member companies are committed to the mission of pandemic preparedness and more equitable access to pandemic products.  The current text represents a major missed opportunity to make substantial improvements in global pandemic preparedness while closing gaps in access to medical countermeasures. As it stands now, the accord fails to implement lessons learned from the pandemic, and instead threatens the global IP infrastructure that is essential to a strong global bioeconomy and pandemic readiness. This text disproportionately hinders the work of small and midsized biotechnology companies who lead medical countermeasure development. BIO is committed to continued work with the U.S. government and international partners to ensure that any future instrument supports innovation and ensures that we are better prepared for future global health challenges. BIO stands ready to work with willing governments who want to find better solutions for ensuring continued innovation, stronger health systems and more equitable access."


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