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BIO Submits Comments on EPA Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support Rule

February 16, 2017

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) today submitted comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently proposed Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support (REGS) Rule. BIO supports EPA’s ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS).

Brent Erickson, executive vice president of BIO’s Industrial & Environmental Section, stated:

“BIO supports inclusion of additional biofuel feedstocks and pathways under the RFS program, and we support EPA’s proposal to allow biofuels from biointermediates produced in a separate facility to be eligible for the program. We urge EPA to take a more practical approach to allowing biofuel producers to generate RFS eligible fuels from biointermediates, without imposing a new regime of separate requirements on biointermediate producers.

“BIO supports approval of new cellulosic biofuel pathways for short rotation hybrid poplar and willow trees, but encourages the agency to analyze and approve additional proposed pathways more rapidly and efficiently. BIO has long called on EPA to recognize that lengthy waits for approval of new pathways discourage investment in commercial production of advanced and cellulosic biofuels. This change in REGS will help toward the timely approval of pathways and expand advanced biofuel volumes and cellulosic volumes.

“BIO also supports EPA’s proposal to update its regulations for ethanol flex fuels containing 16 to 83 percent ethanol. We believe this change would benefit consumers while also helping to achieve the statutory goals of the RFS. We additionally encourage EPA to ensure that E15 blends receive the same treatment as E10 and acknowledge that E15 may be safely sold throughout the year in conventional markets.”

The comments are available at

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