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In the Midst of a Pandemic, Why is the House of Representatives Trying to Undermine Biopharmaceutical Innovation?

June 29, 2020
Media Contact
Vicky Stinson

Tom DiLenge, President, Advocacy, Law and Public Policy, of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), released the following statement regarding the prescription drug provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act (HR 1425):

“More than two-and-a-half million individuals across the country have been infected by the novel coronavirus and countless more have been personally impacted by this global pandemic. At a time when biopharmaceutical companies large and small are racing to eradicate this deadly threat, this bill would punish the very innovators developing the scientific solutions we urgently need.

"This pandemic has placed a bright light on the lifesaving work the men and women of the biopharmaceutical industry perform every day. Patients from around the world are looking to our scientists and researchers to solve this global health crisis and the myriad of other diseases facing patients. BIO supports reforms that will help make healthcare, including medicines, more accessible for everyone, and believes we can do so without destroying the science and innovation we are all counting on.

"In recent months, we have witnessed individuals and communities across the world, and across the biotechnology industry, come together to support those in need and address this deadly pandemic. I hope our elected policymakers will follow the same approach as we look to expand access to healthcare in ways that will further advance biomedical innovation rather than stifle it.”

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