BIO IMPACT: Calculating the Benefits of Biotechnology

Benefits of Biotechnology
BIO IMPACT: Calculating the Benefits of Biotechnology
October 5, 2021

Calculating the Benefits of Biotechnology Climate change is a clear and present danger to society. Industries and governments are taking action to confront this crisis, committing to sustainability goals that reduce environmental impact and improve the health and well-being of communities. To be confident in sustainability claims, it is critical to accurately calculate the environmental benefits of biotechnologies and how that value transfers through complex supply chains. Our BIO Impact webinar will explore efforts to promote consistent sustainability accounting, as well as highlight BIO members’ transformative innovations and the partnerships & collaborations that are leveraging the demands of climate mitigation and propelling a resilient biobased economy of the future.

Moderators & Speakers
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Doug Berven, Moderator
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
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Steve Brody
Sr. Director, Global R&D External Affairs
Genus PLC
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Sasha Calder
Head of Sustainability
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Callie Eideberg
Director, Government Relations
Environmental Defense Fund
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Colin Murphy
Deputy Director
UC Davis Policy Institute