Climate Policy Innovation Series: Fueling the Energy Transition

Climate Policy Innovation Series: Fueling the Energy Transition
November 2, 2023

View this conversation highlighting how BIO member companies are leveraging biotechnology innovations to enable advances in climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience. Hear how diverse feedstocks and manufacturing processes are targeting emission reduction breakthroughs in hard-to-reach sectors. Learn how regulation and policy can better incentivize innovation and be structured to support new and emerging technologies throughout research, development, demonstration, and deployment.

Webinar slides for Fueling the Energy Transition
Moderators & Speakers
John Torres headshot square
John Torres, CAE, Moderator
Director, Federal Government Relations, Agriculture & Environment
Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)
Tom Dower headshot
Tom Dower
Vice President, Public Policy
Dave Kettner, JD headshot square
Dave Kettner, JD
President & General Counsel
Virent, Inc.