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Medical Device Approval & Commercialization

Medical Device Approval and Commercialization explains the medical device approval process from initial regulatory submission through commercialization. Learn the diverse best practices accompanying a successful regulatory outcome, including manufacture scale-up, reimbursement strategy, product launch and post-launch assessment. If you are working in the diagnostics industry this course gives you a game plan to undertake a successful launch.

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Medical Device Approval & Commercialization Course Trailer


  • Choose the appropriate level of clinical trial based on risk assessment to the patient.
  • Explain the process of obtaining approval to initiate human clinical trials to test a new medical device.
  • List the challenges of launching a new medical device in terms of marketing, sales, reimbursement and manufacturing scale-up.
  • Outline a reimbursement strategy for coverage, coding and payment of a medical device.
  • Write a post-launch assessment and surveillance protocol.

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Medical Device Approval and Commercialization Course Syllabus
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$150 USD
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$120 USD
Course Length:
55 minutes
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Completion Period:
2 weeks
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Certificate Requirements

  • View the entire course
  • Pass course exam with a 70 percent
  • Complete the course evaluation
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