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New Criteria Set for Political Contributions from BIO

Largest advocacy organization for the biotechnology Sector aligns support with five strategic pillars

January 27, 2021
Media Contact
Rich Masters BIO

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization announced today that it will resume political giving under new criteria for political leaders seeking campaign assistance.

Shortly after the violent demonstration three weeks ago at the US Capitol BIO paused political giving in order to evaluate the type candidates who the association would support in the future.

“After consulting with some members of our leadership and Board of Directors we have decided that BIO will align our political partnerships for members of Congress and the Senate with the five strategic pillars of our organization which we announced late last year and an additional one based upon defending democracy. Those pillars are:

  • Be a voice of science and for science.
  • Unite and empower biotech innovators and their ecosystem to improve lives.
  • Remove barriers to innovation.
  • Champion broad access to biotech breakthroughs and scientific equality.
  • Catalyze resilient and sustainable bio-based economies.

“At its core science is based on facts and the truth and so it was disheartening and disappointing to see that many members of Congress and the Senate voted against a free and fair democratic election based on misinformation and outright falsehoods. Truth matters and so we will for the time being suspend giving to those who voted against democracy.

In the future we will be examining very closely the entirety of Members of Congress and the Senate‘s records, words and deeds to ensure how they match up with our five pillars for advancing scientific innovation in America.


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