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New Film Series Highlights the Role of Biotech in Saving Lives and the Planet

February 21, 2023
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Theresa Brady

The 29-part film takes audiences to the heart of era-defining biotechnology

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), today launched a 29-part film series, “Nature’s Building Blocks,” spotlighting the role of biotechnology in transforming both our health and the planet as well as addressing global inequalities.

BIO’s second original film series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, uncovers advances in biotechnology that could define this era through three distinct chapters focusing on the environment and sustainability, the health of humanity and the accessibility of health advancements.

“Nature’s Building Blocks will transport audiences around the world, showcasing life-altering technology. From tackling the climate crisis to spotlighting the need for more diversity in clinical trials, the audience will learn how biotechnology is harnessing the power of possibility and breaking down barriers,” said Hilary Stiss, Director of International Affairs for BIO. The series explores how biotechnology is being used to feed our growing population, fuel our world, and transform our industries. Through impactful stories, it uncovers innovative technologies defining today’s medicine and explores how conditions such as diabetes, cancer and Parkinson’s disease are being understood and addressed through more sophisticated research and development. From spotlighting women’s health to emphasizing the importance of accessibility of treatments in previously overlooked communities, this series unveils the progressive present and future of biotechnology.

“The work of biotechnology is more than just vaccines and medications, it’s defining today's medicine and transforming the way we feed and fuel our world,” said Stiss.

The series will be available online for one year. Click here to learn more about “Nature’s Building Blocks.”

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