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Patients, Scientists and Researchers Will Be Watching the State of the Union

February 4, 2020
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Ahead of tonight’s State of the Union Address, Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, shared what he hopes President Trump will say to America’s patients counting on the development of new medicines and cures, and the scientists and researchers working in labs across the country to produce them. 


“What I hope [the President] doesn’t do is demonize the industry. BIO represents about 1,000 companies, most of them are small little outfits with a handful of scientists trying to cure diseases that have brutalized humans forever and we’re making tremendous progress. As long as we can follow the right moral precepts, I think we can get the job done and make patients have access to the medicines they need. ...

“No patient should ever do without the medicine that he or she needs because they cannot afford what’s required to come from their pockets.

“No policy should ever be acceptable to Congress, the President, a Governor or state legislator if it tends to drive investment away from biotech innovation, because there is a tremendous amount of hope resting there for patients if we can just keep the science going."

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