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BIO advocates on behalf of the industry to public policy makers and influencers in United States and around the world, with these recent webinars representing a sample of BIO’s efforts to inform regulatory and legislative decision making.
Inflation Reduction Act One Year Later - Where Are we Now? What Other Challenges are on the Horizon?

September 27, 2023
Speakers: John Murphy, Erin Estey Hertzog, Crystal Kuntz , Jim Meyers

​It's been one year since the passage of the IRA. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has moved forward implementing the law's various provisions, including the new Medicare negotiation program and the redesign of the Medicare Part D benefit. Learn the latest…

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Scientific Developments
Nov 2, 2023
Image of a board meeting in a meadow
Tom Dower , Dave Kettner
November 2, 2023
1:00 pm ET
Sep 27, 2023
photo of pills in capped bottles
John Murphy, Erin Estey Hertzog, Crystal Kuntz , Jim Meyers
September 27, 2023
2:00 pm ET
Sep 19, 2023
NIH SBIR webinar timeline slide
Stephanie Fertig, MBA, Patricia Valdez, PhD
September 19, 2023
Raising Capital
Sep 14, 2023
BIO Translation Research Report cover slide
Bernard V. Fallon, Abe Bassan,, Jonathan Bronson, PhD, Peter Pellerito, Ronald M. Razmi, MD, Gayatri Varma, PhD, James Zanewicz
September 14, 2023
Sep 13, 2023
Global Access and Benefit Sharing webinar slide map
Phyllis Arthur, John Billington, Brian Dziewa, Ryan Morhard, Justin Pine, Bart Van Vooren
September 13, 2023
Raising Capital
Sep 7, 2023
BIF 2023 preview webinar title image
Bernard V. Fallon, Mackensie Vernetti
September 7, 2023
Scientific Developments
Jul 14, 2023
Raising Capital
Jun 20, 2023
BIO Asia Taiwan webinar slide
Wallace Lin, Mackensie Vernetti
June 20, 2023
Raising Capital
May 3, 2023
BIO 2023 Advanced Partnering webinar title slide
Mackensie Vernetti
May 3, 2023