Success Factors for Technology Transfer Start-Up Companies

BIO Translation Research Report cover slide
Success Factors for Technology Transfer Start-Up Companies
September 14, 2023

With the majority of biological studies conducted in academic settings but nearly all innovative new drug clinical trials sponsored by industry, improving translational research success rates for commercialization is critical to bringing new treatments to patients. Surveys of academic tech transfer offices and the biopharma industry executives working on such alliances cite as obstacles two highly controllable factors: disagreement about alliance performance metrics and misalignment of deal terms priorities. This panel discusses best practices for removing such obstacles to accelerate more promising ideas into clinical development for patients.

BIO's updated 2023 report, "U.S. Biotechnology Translational Research: Partnership Models, Management Principles, and Best Practices," is available for download at the link below.  The webinar also summarizes major findings from that BIO report as context for the panel discussion and audience Q&A.

U.S. Biotechnology Translational Research Report 2023 Second Edition
Webinar Slides for Success Factors for Technology Transfer Start-Up Companies
Moderators & Speakers
Bernard V. Fallon, Moderator
Managing Director, Industry Research, Investor Outreach, and Education
Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)
Ab Bassan
Abe Bassan,
Principal and Vice President
Samsara BioCapital
Jonathan Bronson
Jonathan Bronson, PhD
Managing Partner
J2 Ventures
Peter Pellerito photo
Peter Pellerito
Senior Policy Adviser Federal/State Economic Development & Technology Transfer Lead
Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)
Ronald Razmi photo
Ronald M. Razmi, MD
Managing Director
Zoi Capital
Gayatri Varma photo
Gayatri Varma, PhD
Executive Director, Head of Transactions, Oncology Business Development & Licensing
James Zanewicz photo
James Zanewicz
Chief Business Officer
Tulane University School of Medicine; Co-Chair of BIO’s Technology Transfer Committee