Applying Game Theory to Negotiations & Decision-Making

The “Applying Game Theory to Negotiations & Decision-Making” course is designed for executives and business development professionals interested in enhancing their skills in negotiations, influencing, decision-making, and game theory. This in-person course offers a unique experience for registrants to understand how to leverage the combination of these skills, allowing for a better understanding of how one’s counterpart in the negotiations might assess potential strategic options.

Registrants will learn to anticipate as well as plan strategically ahead by making use of insights from game theory, with the aim to improve the outcome of your negotiations. The learnings from game theory will be applied to real-life pharma/biotech negotiation cases. This interactive course will help participants to sharpen their business development skills by increasing the speed and quality of their decision-making and enhance negotiation skills.

This one-day course will be held in-person, June 12, 2022, in San Diego, Calif. Topics covered in the “Applying Game Theory to Negotiations & Decision-Making” course include:

  • The science of strategic decision-making using game theory
  • Three phases of negotiations
  • First and second offer strategies
  • Interactive group negotiations
  • How to behave with emotional negotiators
  • Multiple equivalent simultaneous offers

Instructors (click photos to view bios)


  • Improve your decision-making by acquiring a systematic framework using Game Theory
  • Improve your elevator pitch to enhance your negotiation outcome and enhance the impact on your stakeholders
  • Achieve better negotiation results by applying advanced negotiation techniques
Course Price:
$1,650 USD
BIO Member Price:
$1,320 USD
Course Length:
One-day (June 12, 2022, 9:00AM--4:30PM: San Diego, Calif.)
Completion Period:
June 12, 2022
Course Format:
In Person
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