Garuda Therapeutics

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Garuda is developing the world’s first, off-the-shelf hematopoietic stem cell platform that will eliminate dependency on donor or patient cells.

Currently, patients seeking a blood stem cell transplant must find a suitable human donor as a source of blood stem cells. Unfortunately, racial minorities face greater barriers than white patients in finding suitable blood stem cell matches. Garuda’s platform for generating self-renewing blood stem cells is designed to provide patients with rapid and broad access to consistent, durable, HLA-matched transgene-free blood stem cell therapies.

Like bone marrow transplants, Garuda’s technology has the potential to address, and possibly cure, more than 120 diseases including hematologic malignancies, sickle cell disease, β-thalassemia and bone marrow failure diseases. It also overcomes many limitations of current practices and could potentially offer treatment options to patients irrespective of their racial background.
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Gene/Cell Therapy
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Off-the-shelf hematopoietic stem cells
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