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ArtisanBio provides premiere genome engineering tools for cell and gene therapy companies looking for an accelerated path to clinic with reduced development costs. Offerings include a commercial-scale STAR-CRISPR editing system, optimized guide and data packages, and a pre-built cell therapy allogeneic chassis. Artisan’s genome engineering platform enables gene editing at competitive knock out and knock in efficiencies across a variety of cell types such as primary T-cells and iPSCs. Artisan also partners with companies for custom genome engineering, including novel target knockouts, dual-CAR sized payload inserts, CAR design optimization, and multiplexed editing optimization. With experience collaborating with global pharma partners to private biotechs, Artisan delivers genome engineering tools with broad non-exclusive licenses.
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Privately Funded Company
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United States
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Gene/Cell Therapy
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Stealth Allogeneic Pan-Solid Tumor CAR-T
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