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AGS develops a pipeline of innovative therapeutics to address life-threatening conditions, based on microalgae extracellular vesicles (MEVs).
MEVs are a highly versatile delivery system, non-toxic, AGS-proprietary, capable of bypassing stringent biological barriers. MEVs accommodate a diversity of payloads (RNAs, DNA, peptides, proteins, small molecules) and can deliver them into the right cell compartments for proper expression.

By the oral route (MEVs are edible) they deliver to the intestine, the GALT and the spleen. By intranasal administration, they reach specific regions of the limbic and cortical brain. By respiratory administration they deliver to the lungs. By eye drop instillation, they deliver to the choroid-retina.
AGS' microalgae produce large amounts of MEVs, using simple culture conditions. MEVs manufacturing is easy, scalable and GMP-able.
AGS is currently seeking to complete a series A round to finance the development of its lead candidate to the IND-stage.
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