Hernan Bazan, MD

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Hernan Bazan is spearheading the scientific and clinical development of novel non-opioid asset. He is the John Ochsner Endowed Professor of Surgery in Innovation. Out of the lack of options for safe pain, he co-founded South Rampart Pharma to develop safer, non-opioid therapies for acute and chronic pain. Dr. Bazan authored the first manuscript describing the library of analgesic compounds’ synthesis, lack of hepatoxicity and analgesic properties, published in September 2020 in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. He is the co-PI of an NIH/NINDS SSTTR ‘fast-track’ grant (2020 – 2023). He is the co-inventor 7 issued/pending patents and authored over 50 publications. Dr. Hernan Bazan received a B.S. Molecular Biology (Vanderbilt University). In medical school spent two years as a Howard Hughes Medical Institutes (HHMI) Research Scholar at the NIH. He earned an M.D. (Georgetown University), Residency (Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY) and a Vascular Fellowship (Yale).
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Monday, February 6
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Tuesday, February 7
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