Leukocare AG

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martinsried, Germany
Leukocare AG, located in Martinsried/Munich, Germany and Milford, MA, USA, is the leading innovator for drug product development of biologics for many modalities with services specializing in drug product development tailored to the target product profile. Leukocare provides superior stabilization and optimal formulation of the drug product to increase shelf life and improve logistics, reducing risks in drug development programs.

Leukocare is different from other companies in that bioinformatics and biostatistics-based approaches are used in the Design of Experiment (DoE) to explore a broader design space than conventional methods in order to find the best combination of excipients. This is achieved by synergizing in-silico methods with wet lab experiments, which reduces the number of experiments needed or the need for high throughput, resulting in the use of less drug substance and reduced development time.

Our strength is that we draw on our database of over 100+ regulatory approved excipients, reducing the hurdles later in the clinic. In addition to formulation development services, Leukocare offers analytical and bioinformatics services for already in-process drug discovery and development projects. Our robust analytical expertise is applied to services ranging from particle characterization, stability and molecular integrity analysis, and long-term stability prediction to non-GMP filling for toxicology studies or molecular modeling and to help in candidate selection of drug substances.