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Kangstem Biotech Co., Ltd. (Kangstem) is dedicated to develop stem cell therapy products that can address unmet medical needs.
Kangstem’s mission is to give hope for the patients with rare and incurable diseases. Kangstem is located in South Korea and was listed on KOSDAQ in 2015

Kangstem developed super-gap technology strategy in stem cells, SELAF. SELAF is a proprietary platform with a one-stop optimized platform that covers the entire process from the selection and mass production for maximizing the efficacy of the stem cells to the production of finished products using state-of-the-art freezing technology. With its advanced technology, Kangstem aspires to be a leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

Major pipelines are Atopic Dermatitis (Furestem-AD®; Phase 3), Osteoarthritis (Furestem-OA Kit Inj.; Phase1/2a), Rheumatoid Arthritis (Furestem-RA®; Phase2b), and Organoid (Skin, Pancreatic Islets)