Zih Yuan Tang Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

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Taipei City, Taiwan
Zih Yuan Tang Biotech Biotechnology (“Zih Yuan Tang”) focuses on the research and development of small molecular drugs since 2005. The core of Zih Yuan Tang’s study is based on traditional Chinese medicine formulae to explore new active ingredients and uses in new indications.
Our R&D team transforms the analyses of the preclinical and clinical data to the pharmaceutical index to explore new approaches in the field of healthcare, particularly in the medical field. So far, we have discovered several compounds for tumor/cancer treatment, diabetic control, diabetic wound healing and diabetic retinopathy.
BAE, which is a small molecular drug discovered by our R&D team, has been developed to be a new drug for diabetic retinopathy, which addresses the foregoing drawbacks of anti-VEGF drugs. In one case report, the patient with wet-AMD was cured after a one-month treatment with a special Chinese medicinal herb, and never had a relapse. And then, BAE was developed by our R&D team after a series of analyses and evaluation experiments. In this study, one active ingredient that is most effective in treating NPDR was isolated and identified from the herbs, which is named as BAE.
The pharmacological analysis and mechanism of action (MoA) study for BAE were performed in a mouse model, and subsequently, the indication analysis was performed in a monkey model to further evaluate its efficacy against diabetic retinopathy. In view of the results of the study in the monkey model, it is surprising that BAE has a high potential in Diabetic Retinopathy therapy, especially in non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR).
For the purpose to develop a new drug, we have also built a totally new economic and effective method for manufacturing BAE.
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