Sandia Biotech, Inc

Booth 1475
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Sandia Biotech provides unique, proprietary antibody and protein-based reagents to biomedical research scientists worldwide. We have developed a rapid production pipeline for our robust line of recombinant and inherently fluorescent scFv called FluorAbodies®. FluorAbodies® replace cumbersome conjugated antibodies, saving our customers time and money without compromise.
We also offer agonists and antagonists for the G-protein estrogen receptor (GPER) signaling pathway in addition to five different fluorescent protein based lines: SuperFolder GFP, Fold N Glow, Bind N Glow, and Cut N Glow. Sandia Biotech is focused on offering research tool-kits that simplify assays in a variety of fluorescence applications.