Vaginal Biome Science

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Portland, Oregon, United States
Vaginal Biome Science is a biotechnology company that develops vaginal microbiota-based therapies to protect and restore microbial health. The vaginal microbiome plays host to a complex microbial community, which has a profound impact on women’s health and well-being. Modulation of the vaginal microbiome can radically improve disease prevention and treatment, giving women more agency over their vaginal health and wellness.

Despite the estimated $500 billion in annual medical expenses directed toward women's care in the United States, awareness and education of vaginal microbiome health for both medical professionals and consumers is severely lagging. There has been little advancement in standard of care treatments for many of the most common women’s reproductive health issues in decades. We believe many answers to these problems will be uncovered and solved through a deeper understanding of vaginal microbiome health.

Through clinical studies, Vaginal Biome Science is actively investigating the impact of a healthy vaginal microbiome on overall health and wellness, sexual satisfaction, disease prevention and treatment outcomes. In parallel, we are developing new approaches to both diagnostics and therapeutics to support the restoration and maintenance of vaginal microbiome health.

For consumers, we offer a simple product certification to help them differentiate from the majority of false claims made on women’s health products, so as to easily identify safe, effective products that promote vaginal microbiome stability.

Together with our strong alliance of partners, we are broadening and accelerating groundbreaking studies into the vaginal biome, pioneering new understanding of the role of the biome as a determinant of vaginal and overall health, and developing new products, solutions, and protocols – redefining decades-old and tired approaches to women’s health.