AlphaOnco Swiss

Booth 1743
Monthey, Valais, Switzerland
The company AlphaOnco Swiss is the swiss subidiary of Nanobacterie, which is developing a cancer treatment using natural iron oxide nano-minerals called magnetosomes, which are introduced into tumors and heated using ultrasounds. We have demonstrated the efficacy of our therapy using mice bearing subcutaneous prostate mouse tumors, i.e. our treatment leads to full tumor disappearance in all treated mice without tumor regrowth at 6 months. It is also safe, due to moderate heating conditions (43°-45°) and to the use of completely natural/non-toxic nanoparticles. The treatment can be carried out in an ambulatory fashion, i.e. it does not require general anesthesia nor the use of the operation theatre, or a surgeon or radiotherapist. Beside these advantages, the therapy has a low cost of fabrication (250 euros/patient), which would potentially make it available to the large percentage of patients suffering from prostate tumors who can’t be treated today due to a too high treatment cost or a lack of access to hospitals.
This technology gave birth to 40 scientific papers (ajouter lien Google Scholar Edouard Alphandéry).
It is protected by 120 patents with strong IP in Europe and USA (ajouter Lens Patent Search) covering three domains: i) the magnetosomes themselves, ii) methods for producing these magnetosomes, iii) and various devices for tumor treatments with nanoparticles using heat which can be generated either by a magnetic field, laser, ultrasound, or cold, immune-stimulation, or drug release.
Our project received three international Eurostars grants and continues to benefit from excellent public support due to its scientific quality and the solution that it offers to patients suffering from prostate and potentially other solid tumors. We will not limit our ambition to prostate cancer. After achieving prostate treatment, we will expand our research and therefore the scope of our therapy using magnetosomes to breast, head and neck, sarcoma, glioblastoma…
For the time being we are looking for private funds in order to prepare and carry out clinical trials on patients suffering from prostate tumors. We are looking for 10 million euros in equity to reach the commercialization phase of our treatment. They could be invested in our company in one or several rounds. Two family offices and a large French company already interested by our technology are looking at investing in our project.