J-Pharma Co., Ltd.

Booth 1353
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
J-Pharma is a biotech venture established based on technologies developed at Kyorin University. The company is developing a novel drug by leveraging its intellectual properties related to cell membrane transport proteins. Currently, J-Pharma is focusing on LAT1, an essential amino acid transporter, as its primary drug discovery target. The company has two LAT1 inhibitors in its development pipeline. It is known that LAT1 is specifically expressed on cancer cells, and its expression is highly correlated with cancer malignancy and prognosis.

Our first compound, nanvuranlat, met the primary endpoint in our phase II clinical study in Japan. Nanvuranlat significantly increased PFS of advanced BTC patients who were resistant to Gemcitabine/Cisplatin (GC) chemotherapy. We will conduct the global phase 3 study of nanvuranlat from 2024 and expect to receive approval from the FDA and EMA in 2026 and 2027, respectively.

We also plan to expand our indication to the first-line therapy of BTC, as well as other major cancers, including colorectal, kidney, and brain cancers. We are also targeting autoimmune diseases as LAT1 is also involved in these diseases.

Our revenue in BTC is expected to be around 1 billion USD at peak sales, and sales will further increase through our indication expansion.

We are currently looking for global alliance partners and investors.
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