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Prospect, Kentucky, United States
At Healthyr, we seek to provide better care, improve health and reduce healthcare costs for all Americans. Our mission is to drive positive outcomes, health change and health equity by providing affordable and accessible, virtual at-home health solutions to all individuals.

Through our easy-to-use, omnichannel platform, we deliver early identification of disease, valuable health insights, actionable interventions, and eliminate gaps in care. Our at-home tests and health solutions allow consumers to take a proactive approach to healthcare, helping prevent health issues before they arise.

For businesses, we offer our modular platform designed to improve health outcomes. Pick and choose from a wide selection of best-in-class solutions and integrate with existing benefits offerings to create a custom package that aligns with the company’s needs and goals. By integrating a variety of solutions into a single platform, Healthyr provides an end-to-end care experience that achieves better health outcomes, reduced costs, and increased productivity.
Our front door, modular solution identifies health risks and provides preventive care, helping employees stay healthy and productive.