HAWK Biosystems

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Derio, Spain
HAWK Biosystems have developed QF-Pro® , a breakthrough bio-imaging product that precisely quantifies and phenotypes protein-protein interactions and post translational modifications within FFPE patient samples. QF-Pro® operates with an unprecedented degree of specificity and sensitivity. It gives insights on tumor heterogeneity, outperforming other techniques such as ICH based co-localization or PLA.

QF-Pro® enables the analysis of a whole new family of biologically relevant biomarkers - protein function in the TME - opening brand new avenues for improving the precision medicine agenda. Assays performed with QF-Pro® are easily customizable to several protein interaction and PTM targets and it is our strategy to develop ad-hoc targeted CDx solutions in cooperation with drug development or diagnostics companies.

Just as an exemplar, we have recently validated a first forefront QF-Pro®-based assay to predict the response of NSCLC patients to immune checkpoint inhibitors treatments (nivolumab and pembrolizumab). The results of this validation were published in Feb-2023 by the Journal of Clinical Oncology (https://ascopubs.org/doi/pdf/10.1200/JCO.22.01748) and it showed astonishing outcomes: using QF-Pro® to stratify patients for these therapies could increase response rates by 280%, when compared to the current gold standard marker PD-L1 TPS.
We are attending BIO USA 2023, with the following objectives:

1. Engaging with drug development or diagnostics partners interested in QF-Pro® assays for personalized medicine.
2. Engaging with immune checkpoint inhibitor developers as a companion diagnostic.
3. Finding investment partners to accompany our next round in Q3-2023.