USDA Lets Farmers Plant Biotech Sugar Beets for 2011 Season

The USDA announces that it will issue a “partial deregulation” for the most popular variety of sugar beets, Roundup Ready (RR) sugar beets, which are genetically engineered to tolerate the herbicide glyphosate.

Statement of Support for Montana SB218

"An Act establishing procedures for sampling plants protected by patent or other intellectual property laws; requiring mediation of claims involving protected plants; providing an exception; providing rulemaking authority; and providing an immediate effective date."

BIO Applauds USDA Decision to Deregulate Biotech Alfalfa

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces that it will fully deregulate a variety of biotech alfalfa (so called “Roundup Ready” or “RR” alfalfa, which is genetically engineered to tolerate the herbicide glyophosate).

America’s Biotechnology Sector – Answering President Obama’s Call For Job Growth and Innovation

BIO's commends President Obama for highlighting the need to increase our nation’s global competitiveness and job creation by stimulating investment and research in innovation.

Compensation Tax Fund Will Hurt Farmers and Undermine Coexistence

In response to the current debate over coexistence in agriculture, organic groups are calling for a "compensation fund." This "tax fund" would require developers of agricultural biotechnology products to "pay" into a program that would benefit organic farmers if/when crops are allegedly and/or inadvertently comingled with biotech varieties. Not only would such a program foster conflict among growers, but it would distort the marketplace and place the majority of U.S. farmers at a competitive disadvantage.

BIO Statement on House Ag Committee Forum on Biotechnology

BIO applauds Chairman Lucas (R-Okla.) and Ranking Member Peterson (D-Minn.) for convening today’s forum and emphasizing the importance of our science-based regulatory system for agriculture biotechnology. 

BIO Applauds EPA Decision to Defer Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirement for Biomass Energy Facilities

BIO welcomes the decision by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to defer application of CO2 emission permitting to biomass facilities while further studying the lifecycle emissions profile of biogenic carbon.

Registration Opens for 2011 World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

More than 1,000 high-profile scientists, executives, government officials and investors are expected to gather for an exchange of ideas at BIO’s 8th annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing.

USDA Proposal to Deregulate Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently considering whether to deregulate genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa (known as "Roundup Ready" or "RR" alfalfa). Despite USDA’s own environmental impact statement that states that RR alfalfa is safe and is not a plant pest, USDA might impose geographic restrictions on the crop. Not only would that defy scientific precedent and legal authority, but such a policy would burden the majority of U.S. growers by eliminating "farmer choice" and dictating what crops can be grown and where.

BIO Statement on USDA Announcement on Alfalfa EIS and Coexistence Issue