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BIO Submits Testimony to Senate Hearing on Ag Research and Securing the Food Supply

December 3, 2020

Innovative breakthroughs can secure our nation’s food supply by reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout agricultural supply chains; strengthening producers’ resiliency to climate change while increasing production; and tackling hunger and malnutrition by delivering more nutritious offerings to all tables.

Developing these innovative technologies requires robust support from public and private sector research.

Fostering agricultural research will not only secure the United States food supply but will allow the U.S. to advance innovative breakthroughs to enable agriculture to tackle climate change and tackle hunger. However, to truly unleash the transformative potential of science and we must take steps to ensure the gains from these innovations are broadly shared for the benefit of humanity.

BIO looks forward to working with the Committee and Congress in supporting pro-innovation policies that foster research and development technologies to secure the nation’s food supply and develop the bioeconomy.

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BIO Testimony to Senate Hearing on Ag Research and Food Supply
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