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Letter to Congress to Support Animal Health Infrastructure Amid COVID-19

June 19, 2020

On behalf of the Animal Agriculture Coalition (AAC), representing veterinary medicine, animal science, state agricultural leaders, and various livestock or animal agricultural interests in the U.S., we applaud lawmakers’ ongoing attention to the challenges COVID-19 has inflicted on the nation’s animal agriculture community. As Congress continues deliberations, we urge you to provide $300 million for the 2018 Farm Bill animal disease prevention and management fund to support improved animal health surveillance and laboratory capacity in the current public health emergency and to ensure preparedness for future infectious disease outbreaks through the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN), the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP), and the National Animal Vaccine and Veterinary Countermeasures Vaccine Bank.

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AAC Animal Health Infrastructure COVID-19 Stimulus Letter
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