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BIO Statement Urging USDA Adoption of Pre-Market Notification Process within Biotech Reg System

March 6, 2020
Media Contact
Karen Batra

Washington, D.C. (March 6, 2020) – The following statement can be attributed to Dana O’Brien, BIO’s Executive Vice President for Food & Agriculture urging USDA to establish a pre-market notification process within its plant biotechnology regulatory system:

“BIO’s members are excited about harnessing the potential of biotechnology to solve big challenges, like mitigating climate change, improving biodiversity, and reducing food waste. We understand that for society to fully realize the benefits of food and farm innovation, science-based policy and public support must co-exist. BIO is committed to building the diverse coalitions needed to foster greater public confidence and bring new agricultural solutions to the market.  

“BIO is pleased to join with a diverse group of stakeholders in urging USDA to establish a ‘mandatory notification process’ within the Department’s new plant biotechnology regulatory system. This mandatory process would provide innovators with an opportunity to affirm that a plant meets an exemption while providing additional information to the marketplace and consumers. We hope USDA will support this commonsense policy outcome.”

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