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Recorded BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist Master Course

This is the recorded BioBasics 201 course which has the same content, interactive exercises, and course materials that are given in the live version. You have 3 months to view this course. 

BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist is an intensive course specifically designed for graduates of BioBasics 101 or learners who understand fundamental biopharma industry science. The inspiration for targeted biologics is our own immune system, so the course begins with an in-depth explanation of immunology. It next includes a discussion of immunotherapies, vaccines, cell therapies, regenerative medicines, gene therapies, and RNA-based drugs. Join us and enhance your fluency in the science, development challenges, and medical potential of targeted biologics.  This is a recording of a BioBasics 201 course given live.

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  • Rationale behind cancer immunotherapies
  • Challenges and second-generation opportunities for immunotherapies
  • Differentiation between the types of DNA- and RNA-based therapies
  • Improved understanding of gene therapy and genome editing
  • Ability to discuss multiple applications of genome editing

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Recorded BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist
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$795 USD
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$695 USD
Course Length:
10 hours
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Completion Period:
3 months
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  • View all videos
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  • Complete course evaluation
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Learn the science driving the biopharma industry.

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