Biopharmaceutical Innovators Lead the Charge in Fight Against Coronavirus
A2A Pharmaceuticals is testing the use of selective covalent SARS-CoV-2 MPro inhibitors for COVID-19 patients.
Abbott has launched its third COVID-19 test, a laboratory-based antibody blood test that will ship in the U.S. beginning in April.
AbbVie has partnered with global authorities to support the use of HIV medicines to treat COVID-19.
Adaptive is leveraging its proprietary immune medicine platform to develop a therapeutic.
Agastiya Biotech
Agastiya Biotech is testing its anti-cancer small molecule AB001 for the treatment of COVID-19. 
Alexion has provided SOLIRIS as an experimental emergency treatment for a small number of patients with COVID-19 infection.
Algernon is testing Ifenprodil as therapeutic treatment for COVID-19, in addition to acute lung injury (ALI).
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has expanded its collaboration with Vir to advance RNAi therapeutics.
Altimunne is testing a single-dose Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine.
Amgen is leveraging its immunology and novel antibody therapy development to develop a therapeutic for COVID-19.
APEIRON Biologics AG has initiated a Phase II clinical trial of APN01 to treat COVID-19.
APEPTICO is researching solnatide IMP for the treatment of coronavirus.
Biotech Companies Are Responding Faster Than Ever to Emerging Health Threats
Biotech companies are responding faster than ever to emerging health threats
Biopharmaceutical Innovators Are Leading The Charge In Fight Against Coronavirus

Here's a snapshot of how our industry is responding to the coronavirus.

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