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Recorded Introduction to Gene Therapy Master Course

This is the recorded BioBasics 101 course which has the same content, interactive exercises, and course materials that are given in the live version. You have 3 months to view this course. 

Introduction to Gene Therapy uses genetic material to change the course of a disease at the molecular level. Explore how gene therapy works, the type of vectors used, and why/when certain vectors are employed. Many believe gene therapy is the key to curing cancer, inherited illnesses, and rare disease; this course reviews the most important factors that determine which diseases should be targeted using gene therapy. As with any treatment, there are risks so Intro to Gene Therapy ends with a look at the FDA approval process and how safety and efficacy are measured. Take Intro to Gene Therapy and gain a foundational understanding of the science and regulatory environment of this versatile therapeutic.

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  • Basic principles for transferring genetic material into cells and using viral vectors.
  • Steps to make viral vectors.
  • Fluency in the different types of viral vectors, the amounts of genetic material each deliver, and the types of cells each target.
  • List of the most important factors that determine which diseases should be targeted using gene therapy.
  • Proven and new approaches to mitigate risk in gene therapy clinical development.

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Recorded Introduction to Gene Therapy
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$350 USD
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3 hours
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1 month
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