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Hear What Past Attendees Have to Say
Snehal Patel,CEO

Through company presentations, which increased our visibility, and the BIO One-on-One Partnering system, we were able to meet with virtually all of the large and regional pharmas and have ongoing discussions. We continue to have dialogue with investors that we met for the first time in the partnering system. I would strongly recommend leveraging the entire BIO event platform, as it is designed to support promising technologies and provides a forum for originating and progressing investment and strategic transactions, while also allowing for outsourcing discussions if desired.

Snehal Patel, CEO
Greenwich LifeSciences
Darren Cunningham, FCA, CEO

I participated in the BIO One-on-One Partnering platform. I was able to get in front of a number of venture capital firms, angel groups family offices that would have been difficult to accomplish otherwise. I maintained good follow up with those parties where there was clear common interest, and indeed we received an offer of investment from one party. It only takes one interested investor in the audience to change a company’s fortunes, so prepare well and grab the opportunity with your company presentation.

Darren Cunningham, FCA, CEO
Inflection Biosciences, Inc.
Ayla Annac, MBA, CEO/President

Presenting during a BIO event is impactful especially if you are in partnering sessions. It also helps small biotechs to be more visible within the potential target they seek when forming critical strategic partnerships. Speed of changes in technology and innovation is fast, thus staying visible is the key task while keep improving data and strong results for eventual success. A brief, yet impactful presentation is a key to promote and secure strong partnership and differentiate your organization and offerings in the noisy space.

Ayla Annac, MBA, CEO/President
InvivoSciences Inc.

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